Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Lilly Anxiety

So basically, I've been MIA because school and work have been crazy as always and I'm sorry but I'm just not ready to write about Florida and all my goodies I got in the mail yet. Instead, I shall fill you in on a couple things.
First of all, I've been feeling really anxious lately because I haven't bought any Lilly clothes in like... 3 weeks (the one I got on Spring Break doesn't count because it didn't fit me and I sold it). That may not seem like a long time, especially since I'm super broke after like 2 weeks of no work, spending $600 in Florida, spending $600+ on my car, and all my bills being due anddd I have to buy my Maid of Honor dress. The last thing I should be worried about is buying Lilly, but for the months before spring I would spend about $150 a month on building my Lilly collection and for the past 3 weeks I haven't found ANYTHING I 'need' (even if I did it was more than I wanted to spend). I don't particularly love anything from the spring line enough to splurge, even with the 20% off the via stores have been offering. So I just have this empty hole and no packages in the mail - sad Chrissy :(
But Alas! There may be a cure! Rue La La is going to have a huge Lilly boutique sale (including minnies!) TODAY, April 4th at 11:00AM EST. I AM SO EXCITED! If I can't find at least one ISO or at least something worth my money there... I might cry or buy something I really don't need! The Lilly Ladies and I have been counting down the days in anticipation. If you want in, here is your invite!
Also, I've become addicted to giveaways. I haven't won one lately, but you can't win if you don't try! One of the ones I entered tonight was by A Polish Addict. Check the picture to see what's up for grabs and click here to see how to enter!
Wish me luck in everything and I'll try to be around more. Who knows, maybe I'll start doing giveaways when I get more followers *hinthint* ;)
What have you been doing this week?
xoxo Chrissy

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